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Reviews 6

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Helen Fulco 1 review

St Albans council wouldn't listen to...

St Albans council wouldn't listen to my requests for repairs in my home. Broken boiler, leaks, and brickwork that needed urgently seeing to. I didn't know where to turn, but saw online. I got in touch and they were so helpful. All of the disrepair issues have now been sorted and I can go back to living in my home. I was worried I'd get evicted but it was fine and I'm still here. 5 stars.

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Shaun Rooney 2 reviews

Great result

Good service, sorted my issue and now my landlord is no longer ignoring me. Thank you

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Muhammad Safdar 1 review

All Issues Fixed and Got Compensation!

We rent off a Muslim Housing Association and have done for years. Throughout lockdown we have had to live with serious electrical issues and mega bad damp. Im sorry but theres no excuses for not fixing serious repairs like this! We were given several dates for the works to get started. Every time I had to take time off work yet no one showed up. I then found this company whilst searching in community groups. They are friendly and explained the whole process clearly to me. The legal team allocated to us were first class. We wasnt bothered too much about getting compensation we just wanted the issues fixed. forced the landlord to sort the issues. The compensation we received was a bonus. I have since recommended them to to my brothers in the community.

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Teddy Michaels 1 review

Thank you Disrepair Claim

Our social housing association was a nightmare, not listening to any of us about leaks in the bathroom. Leak went right through and made the electrics faulty too. Disrepair claim were recommended to us by a neighbour. Sorted us right out. Within a short space of time the leak and electrics were sorted and we got compensation for our troubles. Spot on

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john carlton 3 reviews

Brilliant service...

I’ve had serious issues with my council house for months. After reporting the issues to the council they were fobbing me off constantly. got recommended to me of a neighbour. Fastforward to todays and my issues are fixed and got a tidy sum in compensation. Don’t live in scummy conditions people. Use these people to get a claim in and get your house problems sorted!

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samantha evans 1 review

My roof no longer leaks!

This company helped me to get a roof leak fixed on my Social Landlord home. My property is a mews with the main bedroom in the roof space. For almost two years, the roof leaked when there was heavy rain. The landlord had carried out repairs twice but the leak was still there. I was beginning to feel like it wasn’t being taken seriously so I contacted disrepairclaim to see if they could help. This time the landlord had scaffolding put up so that the roof could be checked over properly. The leak was fixed and it has been fine since! Thank you disrepairclaim for making the whole claim process stress free and worthwhile.