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Reviews 4

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Leon LIU 1 review

I've ordered twice from the former...

I've ordered twice from the former rarechems and one lsd package arrived very well and the 5meo dmt using postNL didn't arrive, but they reshipped very soon with UPS for free, that was surprizingly fast, I'm gonna place another order from their new site freshchems, bcz I can't find anyother rc suplier that offers UPS delivery. POSTNL SUCKS!!!

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Andrew Aaron 1 review

Got what I paid for very happy that...

Got what I paid for very happy that this vendor is trustworthy and reliable although the mdphp I hoped would be more like A-php hopefully they will find something that compares soon.. haven't really tried the 3-ho-pcp yet but I'm sure it's exactly what it is supposed to be.. thank you and will order again soon hopefully you can get some cannabinoids soon and some A-PHP powder would be ideal... Also thank you for the voucher.😀 Took 11 days to get to the US FYI. I'm excited to have a trustworthy vendor.

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andressolo solo 1 review

FreshChems, buying without fear again!

After Rarechems "disappeared" I was left quite upset because there were no other RCs vendors I really trusted. Actually, I ordered some stuff from another site and I was ripped off, as it happened two or three times before with other vendors. Rarechems had always been reliable and friendly. When I got the email informing that Freshchems was run by the same people, and I saw the website was pretty similar to the one Rarechems had, I was relieved and bought some stuff there. As it happened with Rarechems, they worked diligently and sent the products in a couple of days or so. And all is OK, as I actually expected, having had some previous experience with this staff in quite a few other occasions. I'm glad these guys are back!!!

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Juno Reactor 1 review

Back In Business!

I was very happy to see that Freshchems is back in action. Always was a big fan of their predecessor company. They carry a range of products that few other competitors can match, and always of impeccable quality. Very professional, easy to navigate website, and straightforward ordering process. Shipping times were excellent too!