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Reviews 61

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Landon Cain 1 review

Quality of service

The timing and quality of service are both very good. The results and feedback were solid. I will definitely use this service again. Reasonable fee. The team provided clear, detailed feedback on my paper, all within forty-eight hours.

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Christian Whitaker 1 review

WordSharp provides not only...

WordSharp provides not only grammatical correction but also academic writing suggestions. I was greatly helped by the professional work of the WordSharp Editing team. All those notes for me to improve my paper and my writing are impressive. Your proofing and editing enhance our service. Exactly what I needed.

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Anthony Mueller 1 review

Very quick and professional

Very quick and professional. This site is very professional. Very impressive awesome work. WordSharp Editing does a tremendous job in editing dissertations. I have used this service many times and have not been disappointed.

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Alannah Cantrell 1 review

Thorough editing

Thorough editing. You make me look like a great writer. Your submission is returned to you almost always well before the deadline you set, sometimes more than twenty-four hours early. I highly recommend their service. Thank you so much.

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Sariah Jarvis 1 review

They have exceeded expectations

They have exceeded expectations. This is the first time I have used this type of service. Amazing fast and crazy detailed. I’m really satisfied. It is truly amazing how much more professional and improved a document can become after being proofread by professionals.

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Samuel Pope 1 review

I’m happy with the edit

I’m happy with the edit. Fast and helpful. I’ll definitely use this service again. My dissertation is ready to submit after WordSharp Editing. When time and precision are of the essence, this team of experts was there for me. If you want a thorough job done by an expert editor, use this service.

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Emilee Stanton 1 review

Quick and quality editing

Quick and quality editing. Your suggestions made a lot of sense, and I noticed your effort in understanding the message I wanted to communicate. Their final comments are very helpful for future writings. It is very much appreciated. This site is a great source of information if you are looking for proofreading tips.

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Karlee Compton 1 review

Always great

The corrections in respect of sentence construction and suggestions were spectacular and illuminating. Always great. Fast, reliable, and wonderful. I'd recommend this service to everyone needing their documents proofread and edited. Thank you for your correction.

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Arlette Spence 1 review

More than perfect in-depth analysis

More than perfect in-depth analysis. Yes, I am fully satisfied with your quick response and corrections. The feedback was very helpful. Checking in English has helped me fix errors very well, and I can use them to publish my research.

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Kathleen Booker 1 review

Very helpful

Very helpful. You polished my writing to the next level. I have an additional question. The feedback was quick, and the checks were careful. I had a great experience with the friendly website layout, order procedure, customer support, and the whole edit. They are very thorough, which allowed the overall editing to be such good quality.

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Jordy Sanford 1 review

Great corrections

Great corrections. You are the best. I got global feedback concerning the entire book. WordSharp is by far the best editing service available online. I was very impressed with the quality of the editing. You are the best.

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Nathalie Dunlap 1 review

I am pleased with the editing I got

I am pleased with the editing I got. I highly appreciate the comments of the editor explaining specific changes (English language, as it is not my mother tongue; and citation styles), which not only make the paper better but also let me learn from it. A piece of very first-rate work indeed. I highly recommend this service to students. Thank you for brilliant and precise feedback on the manuscript.

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Marie Acevedo 1 review

It was a great experience

It was a great experience with this company. They are swift and honest. All their comments and corrections are clear. I was recommended to use WordSharp’s service by a Ph.D. friend. Thanks a lot.

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Santos Cisneros 1 review

Their English grammar

Their English grammar, academic writing, the style of rewording and rewriting the sentences are really perfect, and sending the work on time. Their proofreading specialists are very responsive, and they provide constructive feedback on my essays and assignments. Without them, my learning disabilities could have left me paralyzed. A truly recommendable professional company. This is the world’s number one proofreading and editing company.

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Promise Conrad 1 review

I am so grateful

When I saw all of the changes, I was so grateful knowing what a vast improvement had been made and felt confident when finally submitting it. WordSharp is very trustworthy, reliable, and highly efficient. All we looked for was a punctual and reliable proofreader, and through my experience for almost three years, I can tell you that WordSharp is the best. Highly recommended. Thank you.

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Ameer Everett 1 review

Very smooth and uncomplicated

Very smooth and uncomplicated. Reasonable price and smashing work. The service is valuable, especially to non-natives. WordSharp was very helpful. Quick service and very effective.

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Julieta Valenzuela 1 review

My editor was fabulous

My editor was fabulous, had great comments and suggestions, and I would certainly use them again. I am incredibly pleased with the assistance I received. Super talented editors and writers. I recommend it to others. Thank you so much.

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Harold Hardin 1 review

It was great

It was great. Good experience. The service was delivered before the deadline. Kind and speedy. Great as usual.

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Chanel Barr 1 review

The ordering experience is very...

The ordering experience is very smooth. The level and the depth of the editing are just great. I love WordSharp Editing.

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Musa Browning 1 review

Great experience

Great experience. Wonderful and fantastic. Quick and easy to use. I felt really satisfied with my order. Quick and secure too.