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Reviews 73

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Braylee Rosales 1 review

an excellent choice

The first time was my full dissertation, and the second was additional content. The editor was so straightforward and supportive in working on my dissertation. I asked them to proofread my dissertation and never regretted it. At first, I was a little worried about using a proofreading firm, as I hadn't used one before, but I really wanted to get my dissertation spot on, and WordSharp Editing turned out to be an excellent choice.

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wick88 john 3 reviews

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Noor Fletcher 1 review

My editor was extremely thorough

My editor was extremely thorough, picking up stylistic elements that were outside of my ability. Super-fast turnaround and much more comprehensive pricing than I expected. The price is more realistic according to the number of words compared with other proofreading websites. They are always the best.

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Blake Beltran 1 review

The proofreader is on time

The proofreader is on time, and the quality of the work is very good. They are responsive to concerns and have never failed to get the job done. This is a good choice for English editing. This was my third time using this online proofreading service. It is a good opportunity and exercise to notice my mistakes and weakness so that I will avoid them in the future.

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Charlie Grimes 1 review

I was amazed at how fast it was

I was amazed at how fast and accurate the editing was. Quick and neat. Job well done. It was really helpful. WordSharp did a superb job.

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Rhett Baron 1 review

Much appreciated

I can sum up my experience in one sentence: I really appreciated their added suggestions, which will ultimately help me grow as a writer. I know it is a lot of work. I was super happy with the changes and suggestions made and accepted all of them. It definitely reads in a much better academic style. All that at a great price.

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Kyleigh Joseph 1 review

I really appreciate your help and...

I really appreciate your help and the prompt turnaround. I’m glad I found you guys, as this is a game-changer for me. Super-fast and good feedback. WordSharp Editing provided prompt, helpful changes and advice that improved my paper significantly.

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Isabela Mejia 1 review

The proofreader system works great

The proofreader system works great. We were in a huge panic, and now we aren’t. The difference between a document and a proofread document is quite noticeable and surprising. I highly recommend them. Thank you for all you do.

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George Jefferson 1 review

WordSharp Editing is so easy to use

WordSharp Editing is so easy to use, and they always stick to the timeline you have selected. I will definitely keep using their outstanding service, which is fast and efficient. United States Iraq War veteran.

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Rosalee Palmer 1 review

Quick and helpful

Quick and helpful. Great job. Secret weapon. I used this service for my dissertation. Outstand editing.

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Jazmine Marshall 1 review

beyond my expectations

The service was beyond my expectations. I received the feedback in less than twenty-four hours. I reached out twice to WordSharp Editing to proofread my book. The service is great and efficient. Well done.

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Brooks Shah 1 review

The editor gave me many instructions...

The editor gave me many instructions aside from making changes in my draft. Outstanding and very clear and professional. I am really satisfied with the service. I was very satisfied with how the proofreaders made the language more precise and helped me communicate more efficiently. I will ask for your help next time.

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Landon Cain 1 review

Quality of service

The timing and quality of service are both very good. The results and feedback were solid. I will definitely use this service again. Reasonable fee. The team provided clear, detailed feedback on my paper, all within forty-eight hours.

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Christian Whitaker 1 review

WordSharp provides not only...

WordSharp provides not only grammatical correction but also academic writing suggestions. I was greatly helped by the professional work of the WordSharp Editing team. All those notes for me to improve my paper and my writing are impressive. Your proofing and editing enhance our service. Exactly what I needed.

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Anthony Mueller 1 review

Very quick and professional

Very quick and professional. This site is very professional. Very impressive awesome work. WordSharp Editing does a tremendous job in editing dissertations. I have used this service many times and have not been disappointed.

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Alannah Cantrell 1 review

Thorough editing

Thorough editing. You make me look like a great writer. Your submission is returned to you almost always well before the deadline you set, sometimes more than twenty-four hours early. I highly recommend their service. Thank you so much.

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Sariah Jarvis 1 review

They have exceeded expectations

They have exceeded expectations. This is the first time I have used this type of service. Amazing fast and crazy detailed. I’m really satisfied. It is truly amazing how much more professional and improved a document can become after being proofread by professionals.

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Samuel Pope 1 review

I’m happy with the edit

I’m happy with the edit. Fast and helpful. I’ll definitely use this service again. My dissertation is ready to submit after WordSharp Editing. When time and precision are of the essence, this team of experts was there for me. If you want a thorough job done by an expert editor, use this service.

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Emilee Stanton 1 review

Quick and quality editing

Quick and quality editing. Your suggestions made a lot of sense, and I noticed your effort in understanding the message I wanted to communicate. Their final comments are very helpful for future writings. It is very much appreciated. This site is a great source of information if you are looking for proofreading tips.

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Karlee Compton 1 review

Always great

The corrections in respect of sentence construction and suggestions were spectacular and illuminating. Always great. Fast, reliable, and wonderful. I'd recommend this service to everyone needing their documents proofread and edited. Thank you for your correction.